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Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services

In the trends of your company wants to expand, develop and still want to operate as a lowest manning headcount, or short-term project, seasonal project, or your regularly employee had been working overtime more than 200 hours per year. The solution to solve this issue is provided by Nhan Kiet Suplying Manpower Co., LTD, that is the labor subleasing services – staffing services

Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services will change from fix cost of Salary to variable costs, minimize legal risks relating to the resignation or dismissal for workers illegally, Reduced pressure of recruitment, payroll, settlement of labor welfare. All this work is done by the service providers of Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services  of Nhan Kiet Co., LTD


Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services brings many benefits to your company :


* First, the Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services help provide adequate and timely skilled workforce necessary for your company spacially in manufacturing activities, or seasonal. This helpsyou to low down time and recruitment costs, training. When you do not needs the said labor, You can quickly reduce the number of employees under contract providing services without being bound by the provisions of the labor law .


* Second, Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services also help you more attractive with of investors, especially foreign investment funds or strategic business partners, because they can pump capital directly into revenue-generating activities of the business which they invest .


* Third, Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services also make it easier for you to replace those staff who do not fit with other personnel in key positions to ensure efficient operation.


* Fourth, due to large demand of enterprises invested abroad in Vietnam, especially the oil and gas business, production of consumer goods, textiles, electronics ... need some processing passages that need outsourcing enterprises registered business lines, leading to the selection of the processing unit becomes difficult, then, Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services will flexibility adding workforce working in your company to meet staffing requirements and your company does not need to outsource, this company also helps you better control the quality of their products.


Currently Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services  has been recognized in the Labor Code 2013, Decree No. 55/2013/ND-CP and Circular 01/2014/TT-BLDTBXH , whereby labor leasing service is the kind of business conditions, with 17 job categories are applied in the form of labor rent and sublease enterprise employees to have a certain capacity conditions to be licensed to perform the services for labor hire


Nhan Kiet Co., LTD, with over 6 years of providingStaffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services  and had granted the certification of labor subleasing Operation from Ministry of Labor Vietnam


We are honored to serve you through the provision of Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services


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Nhan Kietの人材サプライ、Nhan Kietの人材サブリース


Nhan Kietの労働供給、会社はホーチミン市、ビンズオン、ドンナイ、ブンタウと国の他の州で労働供給と労働リースの一つです。


何よりも顧客サービスのダイナミズム、熱意と精神を持つプロNhan Kiet労働供給と経験の収集のスタッフ、訓練を受け、訓練を受けたが、確かにもたらすでしょうお客様に最も満足感を提供します。


労働レンタルNhan Kietで行く、あなたは人員リソースの使用で募集する圧力、柔軟性が低下します、生産や事業活動における人事異動で心配ありません






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